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Owner Artsofbrass

“Little story about Arts of Brass”

Thanks you visit artsofbrass store, I work in art and home decor company for 7 years. and I have seen and know the beauty that results from the brass used for decorative purposes in a variety of daily needs.

and it also made me to start my business in online store. it was great when you see what I’m selling is installed in your home. if there are buyers who buy my stuff, I expect feel free to send pictures to me, because I would be very happy to be able to see your house is beautiful with what I have sold to you.

and we have a little story for share about our store profile.

In November 2011 we started a business selling this through online store, previously, we only sell for local and foreign tourists. Until there are several tourists had ever of bought with us in a place ordered again via email to us when they go back home with send our items to their country.

Armed with from experience that we decided to raise the sale of us with online store sells.

And we also want to tell you a few of which goods we sell we get, in 1996 we went back to our home town, and found a brass factory and warehouse very large in some places relic grandfather we are not production again, but in the warehouse was established lots of leftovers production not sold, we chose each of which deserve to sell back.

Many items or hardware which can’t sell again in because of carelessness aged & damaged because fungi and so cannot be in cleaned again,also many that can still could to cleaned.

We would rather sell goods which we’ve cleaned because we feel deserved to sell than not we cleaned again. And to now is still a lot of stuff that haven’t been we found for we show to sell that at which because we need check it and make sure if that deserved to sell it again.

and on March, 26 – until now, we open new online store, we choose Etsy as our pick this times, we hope on here we can success as like the other online store.

Thanks you have read it and enjoy looking out stuff on and Etsy store, if have any questions, please don;t hesitate to let us know.

Have a nice days

Best regards
Metta / ArtsofBrass.

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